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To strengthen community engagement and empower individuals to make an impact by connecting students, Universities, and businesses through a powerful campus-branded network that supports higher education learning and diversity.

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ProfileTwist is a professional college-networking platform that bridges the social-networking gap between University departments, students, and companies. At its core, ProfileTwist is a central hub where members can explore events on campus and connect with organizations, departments, and classmates.

Complete Integration

We combine all of the most popular college networking activities into one place. From local food all the way to a textbook marketplace.

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Dedicated Campus Brands

ProfileTwist takes a unique approach to the over-arching problem of social networking. Instead of marketing its product as another global social network, we create a unique brand for every college that is part of our network. The colors, name, and all the data on each campus network is specially curated to create a truly personalized campus experience.

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RuTwist is the flagship University campus.

Understanding the Need for Better Connectivity

We have surveyed thousands of Rutgers University students and faculty to better understand the overall campus climate and connectivity.

As one of the largest Universities in the world, Rutgers has more than 65,000 students and 500 student organizations. The number of outreach opportunities offered at the University is endless, and yet, a very small percentage of the freshmen class actively take advantage of these merits. There are simply too many organizations and events that students have to sift through to find ones they like.

2 out of 3 Rutgers students are NOT actively involved outside of the classroom.

9 out of 10 students find Facebook inadequate for college networking.

Yet, 6 out of 10 students depend on it exclusively.

The ProfileTwist Team

The ProfileTwist Team comprises mostly of full-time students who are driven to change the campus dynamic through the close partnerships with Universities and corporate sponsors. We adopt a grass roots approach and rely heavily on our team members to make an impact on campus.

ProfileTwist Team

Company Background

In 2013, Greg Solak founded ProfileTwist as a business and started recruiting students to join the core ProfileTwist team. Several months later, the a basic concept test of the website was launched. The product went through rigorous testing and customer validation. In late 2014, ProfileTwist once again pivoted, and is now focusing on building individual sites and campus brands at each university. ProfileTwist is slated to launch the full-scale beta at its flagship Rutgers University in early 2015