Company Branding

We have created this page to promote our company brand and maintain consistency in all press publications and social media.
All trademarks, design, dress, and color combinations are property of ProfileTwist.


Color Palette

Secondary colors should never be used alone; they can be used alongside their primary counterpart.

Font Style

In web browsing, fonts are defined as a "family" or group in priority rank. The primary font face is defined first and is underlined. If the primary font face is not loaded, the computer will go down the list attempting to load each font until it successfully loads one.

Whenever possible, the primary font face should be used.

Heading Primary
Convergence Trebuchet MS Tahoma Arial Helvetica sans-serif
Heading Secondary
Trebuchet MS Tahoma Arial Helvetica sans-serif
Desktop Text
Arial Helvetica sans-serif
Mobile Text
Lato Arial Helvetica sans-serif
Button Text
Trebuchet MS Tahoma Verdana Arial sans-serif


All icons are loaded from the fontAwesome font file. The icons are licensed under the SIL OF 1.1 license.

Icon designations must stay consistent and should not repeat.